What is MQL Semi-Dry system?

The minimum quantity lubrication

What are the advantages of MQL machining?

Its advantages include:


  • Cost saving, including power consumption, waste oil disposal, incidentals, and CO2 reduction
  • Conserve space enabling significant reduction in facility cost
  • Reduce facility cost including maintenance


  • Increase productivity,such as extended tool life and improved machining efficiency


  • Elimination or reduction of coolants, improving the working environment and contributing to the 5-S campaign
  • Conformance to various laws and regulations on substances of concern, including ISO14001 and fire laws.
  • Reduction of fire risk by fire resistant base oil

Examples of machining



For NC lathes, basically use our internal applicators (EcoBooster) with EB-TOOLS. For general-purpose lathes and dedicated machines, external applicators can be used in various cases.

Model EB
Model EB

External applicators can be used for Die and Mold machining with longer cycle time and no tool change operation.

Model JK Model FK Model EB
Model JK Model FK Model EB

Drilling application for small-diameter deep hole is now known as a de facto standard in the auto industry.

Model EB7P
Model EB7EP
Model EB7P Model EB7EP

Select the block nozzle best suited to the saw blade diameter and the mounting space. Mount the nozzle in such a manner that fluid can be applied not only to the cutting edge but also to the sides of the saw blade.

Model JK Model FK

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